APRIL 13- APRIL 15, 2023

Archival Silent Noise considers the invisible, ignored and silenced areas of our artistic disciplines. By exploring approaches to re-visibilizing and reimagining the archives of our disciplines in the field and in the classroom, Archival Silent Noise will create a space to honor and generate joyful noise and good trouble.


All sessions will take place in VB 204 unless there is a ** next to it.

THURSDAY April 13, 2023 

6pm – 8 pm

Conference Opening & Keynote Address

Dr. Ashley Minner Jones

FRIDAY April 14, 2023  

9:00 AM The Guest Artist Corner: A Collaboration between The James E. Lewis Museum of Art and Regional Artists with Dr. Schroeder Cherry 

9:30 AM “The Cart” Jennifer Yablonsky

10:00 AM “Commedia Dell’Arte”  Tara Cariaso

11:00 AM “Insurgent Learning Workshop PT I”  Marshall Tramell (VIRTUAL) **

1:00 PM “Redacted Grammar Language”  K. Kennedy (VIRTUAL) **

2:00 PM “Ms. Museum”  Kathleen Hulser, Julia Szabo

3:00 PM “World-Building For and Against the Archive: Photography on Oregon’s Lesbian Lands” 

Raechel Root 

3:30 PM “DX: Exploring the Art of Dialog Editing for Film” Adam Schwartz

4:00 PM “The Business of Art “ Dominique Clayton (VIRTUAL) **

6:00 PM             Olfaction and Bias(implicitly): A participatory performance that considers
                          the social landscapes that are created through the sense of smell. Laure Drogoul

7:00 PM “Insurgent Learning Workshop PT II”  Marshall Tramell (VIRTUAL) **

8:00 PM “Dada Morte: A collaborative multimedia performance exploring the ephemeral nature of 

our bodies and technologies” Carrie Fucille and Brenton Lim

8:30 PM “A Thousand Cuts”  Desirée Rowe and Michael Tristano, Jr. 

8:45 PM Performance Q/A

SATURDAY April 15, 2023  

9:00 AM “Mapping the Road to Freedom Through Nature, Art and Stories”  Nancy Goldring, Bev Bickel

11:00 AM “Live Painting and Artist Talk” Chris Kolpeace

11:15 “Homie House Press” Adriana Monsalve

1:00 PM “koumboleza a collaborative short film on mourning from a community’s perspective”            

 Linnea Poole and Samantha Mitchell

2:00 PM “Voices of Baltimore: Learning Adventures for Students and Teachers”  Pat Kelly, Gary 

Homana,  Monica Heiser, Morna Mcnolty, Sharon McCullough, Delana Penn, Melissa Stephenson (HYBRID)

3:00 PM “Sex Noises in the Classroom” Michaela Frischherz

3:30 PM “Artists & Writers Engaged in the global struggle for Human Rights and Racial Justice” 

Naomi Greene, Ousmane Power-Greene.

6:00 PM “Building Community Archives: The Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts District Historical 

Photography Project” Angela N. Carroll et al

6:00 PM “Move Move Collaborative: A case study in least-hierarchical Performance Making” – 

Cristal Sabbagh, Orlando Johnson, Ashley Shey, Emmett Wilson, Maggie Schneider, and Peter Redgrave (VB 213) **

7:00 PM “Black English and Hip-Hop Should be Celebrated In Higher Education, Not Silenced” 

Sara Alexander

8:00 PM “See Through Me”  Rikiesha Metzger

8:15 PM “You Can’t Spell America Without the N-Word: Racial Epithet as Talisman and Historical 

Monument to Genocide”  Dr. Thomas Stanley

8:45 PM “Epochs, Ages, and Yugas: Macro-Temporal Texture and the Expiration of White Power”   

Dr. Thomas Stanley